10 iPhone Apps for Kindergarteners
Sep 14

10 iPhone Apps for Kindergarteners


With all the world at your fingertips, your iPhone keeps you connected and informed. It can also be a valuable resource for your kindergartener. The more fun your kids have while learning, the more they’ll try to learn on their own. These ten apps are great for education and entertainment when you’re out and about with your children, or when spending some quality time with them at home.

  1. OregonTrail This portable remake of an iconic game has all the excitement of the original, but features updated graphics for today’s generation of youngsters. Plan carefully, outfit your expedition, and play skill-based mini-games to survive the westward trek.
  2. JakesNeverlandPirateSchoolJoin Jake and the Neverland Pirates as they work through four classes based on the popular Disney television show. From sailing to playing in a pirate band, your child can play a variety of mini-games, all the while earning Badges of Honor. You can create your own pirate, and even earn an Official Neverland Pirate Certificate!
  3. VirtuosoThe benefits of a musical education are varied and well-documented, making this musical app a great choice for your kindergarten student. Virtuoso is a free keyboard app with a host of features, not least of which are colored key labels. It’s a great substitute for letting your little one play on a baby grand, since it’s easier to control the volume. It’s never to early to start learning.
  4. iWriteWordsEven in an increasingly digital world, handwriting is important. iWriteWords is an app that helps children learn the shapes of letters. With a host of features, including cute little drawings on success, it helps children learn the alphabet in a fun, interactive way.
  5. 8 PlanetsProWith Curiosity safely on Mars, kids everywhere are remembering what makes space so interesting. With this app, your children can learn the names of the planets, how to spell them, and their order. There’s even a matching game, which is ideally suited to five-year-old sensibilities. Your child can earn ribbons as rewards, viewable in a ribbon gallery, and the black hole mode keeps them on their toes.
  6. TeachMe: Kindergarten This educational app teaches children four subjects while having a robust reward system. Sight words and spelling, as well as addition and subtraction from 1-10, comprise the bulk of this app. The real beauty, however, are the rewards. Every few correct answers earns coins, which can be spent on stickers to be placed on different backgrounds, or to purchase items for a virtual aquarium. TeachMe: Kindergarten is sure to keep your child’s attention.
  7. JungleTime In such a digital age, many people still have troubles reading an analog clock. However, with Jungle Time, your child will not be one of them. This talking, multi-lingual clock app has a cute jungle theme, complete with animal faces. It supports both 12 and 24 hour time notations, and has a Learning mode as well as standard or Roman numeral clock faces. Multiple difficulty levels will keep your child challenged as they progress.
  8. MathNinjaMath class would be a lot more entertaining if you were a ninja fighting an evil tomato bent on creating a robot army. At least, that’s what the developers of Math Ninja believe. This action-packed defense-style game pits the Math Ninja and his multiple weapons against evil Tomato-san.
  9. AnimalColoringBook Animal Coloring Book lets your child choose from four themes, including jungle and ocean. A color wheel provides the fun, and your kids always stay within the lines. It’s a great way to pass time, and the save feature keeps all your little one’s pretty pictures.
  10. Dr. SeussBeginnerBookCollectionThis pack contains five classic Dr. Seuss books in a fun, interactive format. Three reading modes ensure that your child gets the most mileage out of these classic stories, including “The Cat in the Hat” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” Autoplay reads to your child and turns the pages automatically, while Read to Me mode highlights words along with the narration to help your child learn to read.

While the iPhone can be a valuable teaching tool, it doesn’t take the place of interaction with a caring adult. In order to help your child get the most out of these useful applications, you should take the time to use them together whenever possible.


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