10 iPhone Apps for Sticking to Your Budget
Oct 31

10 iPhone Apps for Sticking to Your Budget


Managing your finances and making sure that you stay within your budget is one of the single most effective ways to minimize stress and worry in your life. By monitoring your spending and keeping it under control, you can prevent those frantic scrambles at the end of the month that cause so much tension, but finding the best method of tracking your expenses versus your available funds isn’t always easy. Thankfully, the iPhone you have in your pocket is more than a communication tool. The powerful mobile device supports a variety of budgeting and financial management apps to help you avoid the dreaded negative balance.

  1. iXpenseItCNN Money Magazine calls this $4.99 award-winning app one of the best iPhone has to offer, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and powerful range of features. Get reminders about upcoming bills, access your account balance and check out visual representations of your existing budget versus expenses, just to name a few.
  2. Mint.Com Personal Finance Not only does Mint help your manage your money and track your current monthly budget with a few taps of the screen, but also your retirement accounts, loans and outstanding credit card balances. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this powerful app is that, befitting a budgeting app, Mint is free.
  3. Balance – At their core, all effective budgeting apps accomplish the same basic task, with varying degrees of accompanying bells and whistles. This free app takes the central concept of budgeting, knowing the balance of your accounts so that you won’t exceed them, and does the job very well. Balance is simple, concise and easy to operate for budget-minded folks on the go.
  4. Pageonce – In addition to tracking your bills and keeping on top of them with the built-in due date reminders, Pageonce also allows you to pay those bills with a few taps of the screen to avoid penalties due to forgetfulness. Know how much is going out with this free app, which keeps all of your outstanding expenses in one place.
  5. iReconcile – For $2.99, iReconcile allows you to manage your budget, track outgoing expenses with a virtual check register feature and break that budget down into annual, monthly, weekly and daily expenses. For an additional $1.99 per month, you can also back that information up in the cloud to prevent data loss.
  6. Expenditure – Not only does Expenditure allow you to manage your budget with a clean, aesthetically-pleasing interface, but also to snap a quick photo or take a note to remind you of a specific transaction’s details. Import your budget data in CSV format for management in a desktop spreadsheet program, and even share them with others if necessary.
  7. MoneyBook – Assign transactions to a specific category and enter detailed notes about them as reminders, hide sensitive information from prying eyes with customizable password protection and back up your data in the cloud at no extra charge with this $2.99 app. You can also track the success level of your goal to adhere to that budget over the course of several months.
  8. BillTracker – Know how much you owe, who you owe it to and when payments are due with this app, available for $1.99 in the App Store. There is a free lite version available, with most of the same features. The ability to handle recurring bills is the most conspicuously absent feature in BillTracker Lite versus the full version.
  9. Debt Minder – When it comes to budget hogs, student loans and outstanding credit card debt rank somewhere near the top. For $0.99, you can manage all of your debts in one place and determine the best way to pay them off, freeing up a bit more breathing room.
  10. iSlick – The best way to make sure that you stick to your budget and avoid those costly overdraft fees is to save as much money as you can on everyday purchases. With this free app, you can track sales, special offers and compare competitors prices on a variety of products side-by-side.

With a tool as portable and as powerful as your iPhone, carrying a detailed summary of your income, expenses and outstanding debts is easier than ever. Taking advantage of the many features and applications available to you through the App Store is an effective way of ensuring that you’re never caught unaware by a forgotten bill or accidental overdraft again.

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