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We are a part of a large network of websites that help families find nannies and vice versa.  We know that one of the biggest challenges is making sure you analyze multiple caregivers before selecting one to care for your children.  In order to make that easier for you we have collected thousands of active nannies including this set of very recent nannies:

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7 Safety Rules Nannies Should Always Enforce

In today’s economy it’s more and more common to have two working parents.  That means you must rely on caregivers to take care of your precious children.  How do you know which ones are good?  Are there rules that they must follow to keep your kids safe?  Of course there are, please check out 10 safety rules a nanny should always enforce.

  1. Proper cleaning and disinfecting: If toys are not properly cleaned and sanitized daily as there is a high risk of spreading germs between the children.  Kids commonly put toys in their mouth and so it’s important that you establish what properly cleaning and disinfecting toys means to you.
  2. Pick up policy: More than 80% of child abductions are perpetrated by someone the child knows. It’s imperative that you give them a list of who is allowed to pick up your child and that they check ID’s when someone comes in to pick up a child.
  3. Food safety: This will be especially important to you if your child has a food allergy, but even if they don’t you still want to make sure that the food is healthy and handled properly.  Cross contamination is very easy to do if certain food safety rules are not followed.  The last thing you want is your child to have food poisoning.
  4. Hazardous liquids and poisons: Make sure that you don’t see any cleaning products sitting around that a child might accidentally ingest.  The same would go for mouse poison or mouse traps that a child could get to.  It’s your house, so this should be really easy to control.
  5. Evacuation and disaster plans: A scary thought that no one wants to think about is what happens to my child in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist threat?  Is there a plan in place and do they practice lock down procedures as well as how to exit the building in a safe and organized way?  The rules of how emergencies need to be conducted are very important to have in place.  With any luck these rules will never be tested, but as a parent it should give you piece of mind to know that such rules exist to keep your babies safe.
  6. No smoking: Make sure there is a no smoking rule in place.  You want to make sure that your child is not being exposed to second-hand smoke.  This is most important in your home and when they are out and about as there may not be city ordinances to protect your children.
  7. Locked doors: Probably one of the most important safety measures a nanny and family can easily enforce is making sure that doors are locked at all times.  If necessary add locks above the reach of the children.