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We have partnered with a large network of nanny job sites including, one of the most trusted sources of nannies for over 15 years.  We have thousands of active nannies to place and hundreds of jobs every day.  If you are a family looking to get listed we recommend that you first take a quick look at the most recent nannies that have signed up.  If you are a nanny looking for a great family, then the list below is a great start:

Recent Nanny Jobs on Our Network

NameCityStateJob Start Date
KristinSan CarlosCalifornia3/19/2018
PamRolling MeadowsIllinois2/19/2018
WilliamLake CityArkansas2/21/2018
MarialynnMoyockNorth Carolina2/19/2018

Top 5 Sites for Reviewing Nanny Agencies

When it comes time to find a nanny agency to help you hire a nanny to take care of your most precious possessions, you want to make sure you are dealing with trustworthy people. The same is true if you are a nanny looking for an agency to represent you. There are ways to find out about the best agencies and listed below are five sites that will help you in reviewing the agencies in your search.

  1.  – The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, or APNA, helps agencies, families and nannies get the best. They have been in business nearly twenty years screening agencies to assure that those agencies have the highest standards in the industry. APNA agencies must go through rigorous screening and have their references thoroughly checked. They also must stand by the APNA Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Practices. An agency that displays the APNA seal of approval has gone through an in-depth application procedure, including an investigation process, and they have been approved by the board of directors.
  2. – The International Nanny Association works as an umbrella organization to help with every aspect of in-home child care. Agency members have access to educational resources, business management help, pertinent legislative updates and other resources. Nannies can access INA to find quality agencies to work with, and parents can access them to find member agencies. This is a non-profit, volunteer, educational association committed to bringing the highest standards to the field of in-home child care. Agency members must accept and abide by the INA’s Commitment to Professional and Recommended Practices.
  3. – The Better Business Bureau has been a long standing resource for checking on a business’s efficacy. Some agencies are BBB members and as such, you can be pretty well assured that they are decent agencies. Before settling on an outfit, it would be good to check with the BBB to find out if any complaints have been lodged against the agency. Some agencies may have reviews that are listed with the BBB also.
  4. – This website helps you review agencies by giving you tips and suggestions on what to look for and questions to ask. While they don’t actually recommend agencies per se, they have membership for agencies, and they provide assistance to consumers with financial issues as it pertains to nannies. The resources they offer are helpful for those who wish to screen the agencies they are considering using.
  5. – is an online source that lists nanny agencies by area. It also includes the agencies’ Better Business Bureau rating. This site lists the services each agency offers and provides a link to more in-depth agency information such as maps showing locations, contact information, agency associations and FAQ. Comparisons with other agencies in the area are also supplied.

Sadly enough, there are few professional organizations and associations for parents and nannies to tap into for help in finding reputable agencies. However, word of mouth is still a reliable method up to a point. There are businesses that will make recommendations for agencies, however the majority of these outfits have no particular screening or referencing that goes on to insure that the agencies are really as good as they say they are. Few of them even tell much about their own organization and what, or even if they have any standards by