Signs of a Bad Nanny Agency

10 Signs of a Bad Nanny Agency

Parents often have difficult decisions to make regarding the care of their children. Finding the right nanny agency can be tough. Upon first entering the nanny agency, parents should be aware of possible issues. These 10 signs of a bad nanny agency listed should be considered by parents.

  1. There is no way to check the references. Reputable nanny agencies will always provide references that can be verified. If no references are provided or if the references listed cannot be verified, this is a red flag. Great nannies always have references.
  2. The agency doesn’t have many current clients. Parents should definitely question why others are not using this nanny service. The other parents in the area may know a reason not to use this agency.
  3. The turnover rate is high. If the turnover rate for employees is high, there must be a reason why. No one wants to hire a nanny to take care of children if she is not going to stay employed for long. Changing nannies can be hard on children, so choosing a person who will stay in this position for the long run is important.
  4. The office does not return calls promptly. When calling the office to ask questions or verify information, the nanny agency should return the calls quickly to show their professionalism to the business. If parents can’t even get a timely response back, how will they feel comfortable knowing their children are being taken care of?
  5. The agency doesn’t offer to show potential customers a background check on the nanny chosen for the position. Background checks are not negotiable in this field. Parents must demand to see one or complete one on their own. A nanny should have a clean background, and a good agency will not try to hide a nanny’s background.
  6. The contract isn’t specific. Most agencies require clients to sign a contract for the services. However, if the contract doesn’t specifically outline the services provided to the clients’ standards, the parents should walk away from the deal. Many parents have specifics they want outlined about how their children are raised.
  7. The agency won’t promise any specifics. If parents want a specific feeding schedule or bedtime routine followed, then it should be followed.
  8. The nannies don’t seem to have a lot of energy. Babies and children require a lot of energy for feeding, changing diapers, and play time, so a great nanny will be full of energy.
  9. A comfort level is not established on the initial visit. If parents don’t feel comfortable after the first meeting with the agency, they should listen to their instincts and walk away from the contract.
  10. The nannies seem critical. The nanny’s job is not to criticize or judge how parents raise their children. This screams unprofessionalism.

In summary, choosing a nanny to care for children is a serious responsibility. Parents need to do their homework and watch for the warning signs of a bad nanny agency.