Signs of a Good Nanny Agency

10 Signs of a Good Nanny Agency

Nanny services make hiring nannies much easier, but not all nanny services are equal. It is important to make sure a nanny service is a reliable, legitimate company before using their service. The following list is comprised of ten signs that a nanny service is a good one to use.

  1. A positive search. Conducting an extensive Internet search of the company or organization will usually reveal reviews from other web sites. These can be valuable and can give red flags if there is anything suspicious about the company. Use a general parenting site and look the up the company to make sure they are legitimate.
  2. Recommendations. Read online forums on parenting sites. Often people will share their opinions of a site that they used. It is best not to just read testimonials from a nanny service itself as these will usually be biased.
  3. Employees who are willing to talk. Contact a prospective nanny service and ask to speak to former or current employees. Though sometimes their privacy policies may prohibit them from giving out that information, if they are a reputable organization they will probably be able to find some employee to speak on behalf of them.
  4. Positive local opinions. Ask local community members and educators if they have heard anything about the company. Obviously if people have heard negative things about a company it should raise concerns, and conversely, if people have heard positive accounts it is a good sign.
  5. A service’s background. Check out a nanny service’s history. Find out how the organization began. Who started the service and why?
  6. A good track record. Ask about the number of placements a service has made and how many of those have lasted for a significant amount of time. Try to speak with a family who has used or is currently using the service.
  7. Being able to visit the service’s headquarters. Sometimes this is impossible if the company is based online, but it should be possible with local agencies. Even if services are not based in a physical location it should be possible to set up a meeting with an overseer or director of the service.
  8. The service asks enough questions.. As the process begins, the service should be getting lots of details from families hoping to hire nannies. If they are not, it may be a warning sign that the service is not very through.
  9. Reasonable rates. Compare rates from a variety of services. Services that ask for too much money are suspect, but so are services who offer extremely cheap prices.
  10. Willingness to do a trial run. A company confident in their services will have no problem with a trial period and will be happy to let you try their service for a while before committing.

If done carefully, finding a good nanny service doesn’t have to be very stressful. A good nanny service is a great method for finding a nanny that is qualified, reliable, and great with kids.